Environmental Policy

Sellite's environmentally friendly products are 'cured' naturally without the combustion of fossil fuels. The Company has undertaken a full environmental audit and maintains a responsibility towards the environment. The Company pursues a duty of care to both its employees, its customers and the community.


Sellite's Lightweight Aggregate Blocks have been designed and are manufactured using best practice regarding the environment and the impact we have upon it.

With this in mind great consideration has been given to the aggregates used in the manufacturing process.

Aggregate supplies come from various sources in particular Power Generators who use high levels of Bio-mass (renewable energy source) together with recycled materials from licensed Waste Transfer Stations.

Other aggregate used are from secondary processes within industry, which previously would have been sent to land fill.

Over 75% of materials used in the production of our Thermal and Foundation Block ranges are recycled or secondary aggregates. Other ranges have similar sustainable credentials.